This is real Michael Jackson! Video portrait by MJacksonTruth

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When I had the idea of MJacksonTruth, it was at a time when I knew very few things about internet and therefore even less about my possibilities. I didn’t even know that I could download a video. Michael Jackson’s passing held me a lot online and this taught me a lot of things and, little by little, I obtained new skills, like video making and photo editing.

7 years and more than 200 articles later, MJacksonTruth is ready to present its own tribute video to Michael Jackson. I could say it constitutes the main idea or kind of summary of everything that has been presented during these years and what was my initial desire to talk about. Did it take so long to finally make this video because it is difficult to make a tribute? No. What is difficult is to be calm and chose what is more important, when a lot of material and passion invade and block one’s mind; yes, this is what happened to me: I was blocked; I didn’t know what to chose/leave out and how to control my feelings which didn’t let me concentrate and work with clear mind.

So, as Michael Jackson’s 58th birthday anniversary approaches, we can say that “the time has come” and here’s MJacksonTruth’s contribution to MJ world and to humanity, in an effort to present Michael Jackson’s brilliant personality as completely and as concisely as possible.

Who Michael Jackson really is – Tribute video by  MJacksonTruth

Michael Jackson is the most successful solo artist worldwide ever but we need to celebrate his coming to life for his character too. We are lucky to have him as an example and the world needs to learn and remember who he really was.

In a video of about 11 minutes, MJacksonTruth focuses on Michael Jackson’s soul, covering major aspects of his life, such as his charity, his main characteristics as a person, his family and his attitude in life. A soul which can be described with the following words: idealism, positive thinking, humbleness, simplicity, goodness, creativity, grace, sense, generosity and joy.

Is that all what Michael Jackson was? I think not. In fact, I think that this man had almost only good qualities which were also big in number. Am I exaggerating? It’s up to you to judge. The video with all the evidence is now in your hands and eyes and you will decide if you agree or not with me.

I hope you enjoy the video and excuse language mistakes, as English is not my mother tongue. Keep Michaeling and L.O.V.E.!

                                                                * * * * * * * * *

Anyone who wants to reproduce this article is welcome as long as he/she mentions the source, giving a link redirecting to MJacksonTruth.

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