Michael Jackson: Take me away, the dj’s digital song and absolute summer hit. Thank you, Nathan Jay!

Nathan Jay, Take me away

Nathan Jay, Take me away









Nathan Jay made a digital song for Michael Jackson

When I decided to make this article, I wanted to emphasize on the fact that someone made a digital song for Michael Jackson. My thought was like this:

Michael Jackson is the biggest selling solo recording artist world wide ever. If it was not for him, then for whom would someone make a digital song?

It seems that everything happened 5 years ago, when Nathan Jay, using vocal MJ material from previous recordings, created or at least published the song “Take me away”.

Nathan Jay introduces himself in twitter as a remixer/musician/producer and, among other things, he has written the song “Glamour Zombie” for Lady Gaga. So… may I start this article by thanking DJ Nathan for this amazing song? Listen to it!

Take me away

After starting working on the video, I realized that this song was not just beautiful, it was wonderful. The music is just great and very fresh and then the lyrics.. the lyrics are so beautiful.

I think that what Nathan expresses with these lyrics is what most people dream of.  Who doesn’t want someone to take him/her away from civilization? Who doesn’t want to be in love? Who doesn’t like sunshine and calm sea? Nathan, you express such simple and essential ideas that I really thank you for this song. You made me travel and feel happy.

Soon I started wondering what had happened to this song and asked myself and the world:

Why didn’t this song become a huge international summer hit?

I googled and I found the answer. The song wasn’t given a permission and Nathan was obliged to remove it. He now has in his youtube account only the instrumental version. Here it is:

What would I really like to happen with this song? I would like it to be released officially and make a huge international success. It’s the ideal song for a beach bar to keep us company by the sea, to inspire us and help us find and keep love, this song is many things, it really deserves to become a great one.

Could, we fans, ask the Estate or Sony to release it? I don’t know, that’s an idea that came to me while writing this article. But I’m so “nothing” compared to the Estate of Michael Jackson.. and then MJacksonTruth  is just a small blog from a small country. Could I influence someone so much? I doubt it. This article is the only thing I can do. I wish it was enough to influence the company. This is how much I loved this song.

You can find several remixes of this song here:


Nathan’s youtube account is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvz0eZy-kU-34YnBi00fSDw

Again, THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS, NATHAN! I wish you all the best for your career. Lucky are the people who enjoy your music as a dj in UK clubs. Good luck also as a songwriter!


I hope you excuse any mistakes, as English is not my mother tongue.

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Anyone who wants to reproduce this article is welcome as long as he/she mentions the source, giving a link redirecting to MJacksonTruth

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