Michael Jackson 50th birthday telephone interview in 2008

Michael Jackson wax statue Berlin 2008








On the 29th of August 2008, Michael Jackson turned 50 and that was of course the last time he celebrated his birthday. We don’t have any pictures showing how he spent his last birthday but we have an idea about what he had planned to do. He would have some cake and would watch cartoons with his kids. Isn’t this very cute and funny? We learnt all this thanks to a telephone interview he gave the same day, during which he said all that with the most innocent and natural way as if he was talking about something that a 50 year old man was expected to do. Let’s listen to it!

Let’s add on this that he was friend with his kids. There were moments when he was acting as a regular father does and would take care of them and would teach them insisting on life’s values BUT, at playtime, they “had” the same age and his kids became the childhood’s friends that he never had. I’ll give an example.

He played hide and seek with his children! What’s more, one night they cheated and locked him out of the house (I think we all did this, when we were young). Michael Jackson may have been out of the house but he enjoyed it at the same time. We learn about this funny incident from his last bodyguards’ book called Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days.

What else can we say? That Michael Jackson had an innocent soul and he was very cute. Once more!

I hope you enjoy the video and the short article. Keep Michaeling and L.O.V.E.!

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