Michael Jackson as a painter! See his creations gathered in video









Most people know Michael Jackson as a musician (singer, lyric writer, composer, dancer, etc.). But what most people don’t know is that Michael Jackson liked to make drawings and small paintings in his free time.

Here you can see his childhood room with some of his creations, as well as himself while drawing

His subjects are interesting and they have a quite big variety. Take a small taste here

If you like the arts of drawing and painting, you might find interesting to see his creations. You will like it more, if you enjoy going to art museums. MJacksonTruth  has made for you a 18-minute video in which one can see 199 creations, all made by Jackson. Under the video, in the information box, there are links to every separate category.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Cartoons – fictional heroes 0:45, 2. Fairytales’ characters, 3:59, 3. Famous people 5:42, 4. Children 9:49, 5. Clowns 10:54, 6. Reality 11:19, 7. Self portraits 12:18, 8. Personal thoughts & ideas 14:07, 9. Surrealistic & abstract art 15:24 and 10. Michael Jackson on his art 17:17.

You will be surprised not only by Jackson’s accuracy but also by what exactly he liked and how he added his personal signature. For example, on his sketch of the White House doors, Jackson added the following quote from John Adams: «I pray heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men” However, he added a sentence of his own: “ or women rule under this roof”.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comment under the video, provided that you do it in a polite way. I hope you excuse language mistakes, as English is not my mother tongue. If you know a creation that is not included in the video, send it to mjacksontruth@gmail.com and it will be added in the article.
You can find all of the video’s picture in MJacksonTruth’s Facebook page (see album “Michael Jackson’s drawings and paintings” by clicking here)
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 Anyone who wants to reproduce this article is welcome as long as he/she mentions the source, giving a link redirecting to MJacksonTruth.



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