Michael Jackson army of love – VINDICATION or when journalists admit their mistakes and lies

Michael Jackson "My fans are activist and will fight with you to defend me"

Michael Jackson
«My fans are activist and will fight with you to defend me»

A special note to Michael Jackson fans and bloggers-MJ defenders

When MJacksonTruth started, in 2010, one of the first categories I added on my blog was “Army of love”. I was and still am part of this army but I hadn’t imagined that one day I would write what I started right now. What’s more, when I started, I had no idea how many blogs dedicated to our angel existed and I still don’t. But hey I’ve got news for you: we win. As I don’t know all the blogs dedicated, maybe another blogger had a previous experience and said “we win” too. In this case, simply add what I will say in the “win box”. But add it. Add it and spread it in order to continue.

Why did I say “we win”?

6 years after MJ left, the tabloids continue writing lies about him

Everything started more than a year ago. It was June 2014 when tabloids had gone crazy writing about FBI stating that there were files proving that MJ had given millions of dollars in order to close mouths. This sick content was reproduced in Greece as well. Journalists and unknown bloggers reproduced the lies without examining if that was true. What’s more, one of the journalists who reproduced the sick article gave a link which was supposed to redirect readers to FBI’s site at the exact section where these non existant files were supposed to be. However, the link redirected us to this journalist’s site’s main page!

As the author of MJacksonTruth, I did what every MJ fan would do and wrote a text based on evidence probably given by a fan or even a blogger. I have the impression that there’s a text (probably by MJ Justice or Allforlove but I’m not so sure). In my text, I didn’t state names (of the journalists) for obvious reasons but, with all the indications that I gave it was easy to find the who-is-who (like specific sentences which would lead readers to the journalists’ sites through googling). If I was in the position of these journalists, I’d be embarrassed. Apart from this, like many other fans from Greece, I let comments under these sick articles and I even sent emails giving them the link and my text which proved that their article was unreliable. But guess!

Journalists removed the fake article

A few days ago, as I was googling about MJ, I discovered that another established Greek journalist, had posted an article with the title “Michael Jackson fans got vindication: FBI stated officially through CNN that there were NO files proving that Michael Jackson had paid money to close mouths of boys etc”. What’s more, the text was taken from MJacksonTruth and MJacksonTruth was stated in the end as source of the text with link redirecting readers to my blog.

Now is this a victory or not? To me it is. Think about it. MJacksonTruth is an amateur’s work. I’m not a journalist, I’m not a specialist. I’m a simple person like you. However, a specialised journalist consulted an amateur’s blog. To me, this equals a bow and I really hope that the next time a journalist reads another lie they will check its realibility. They know that, we, bloggers, exist and are ready to humiliate them and spoil their professional status by proving that some of the things they say are simply bullshit. They know that we can make them look “smaller” and that, when we do it, we do it by providing FACTS and reliable ARGUMENTS and that readers will see that.

My message

The reason why I decided to share this note is because all these years sometimes I asked my self if what I do in MJacksonTruth is worth doing. I mean sometimes I feel almost useless and I thought that maybe you feel the same. The incident that I stated above answered to my hesitations and this is why I wanted to share it with you. Don’t feel discouraged, continue writing and, yes, send your texts to journalists and to tabloids. It does have results. This way it is more possible that even tabloids will stop writing negative and inexistant things about Michael Jackson.


MJacksonTruth is a Greek blog dedicated on the truth about Michael Jackson and exists since June 2010. In the beginning, it was small and little by little it started to grow. Now it has over 100 small or big articles, its own youtube channel and a Facebook page. And it goes on. Like it also in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJacksonTruth/

Ps. I googled the famous sentence about «FBI blah blah blah» of the first  journalist I mentioned (not the one who gave the link to my blog) and I didn’t find it. On the contrary, google gave in the results the new article which stated the truth 🙂

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